About M. Jacks Fire & Safety

Morris Jacks founded M. Jacks Fire & Safety in 1949. We have been providing exemplary service and quality products at a fair price for over 70 years. By promoting innovations, M. Jacks Fire & Safety grew into one of Texas’ premier fire equipment companies and has continued evolving through the years. We have also maintained Morris’ values and philosophies.

Our Contributions to The Community

The National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) was chartered in 1963. M. Jacks Fire & Safety is a charter member and remains very active today. Larry Angle was NAFED’s president from 2006 to 2008.

M. Jacks Fire & Safety is still dedicated to upholding the high standards that our founder, Morris, has established. Through professional operations, we will actively shape the industry’s future.

M. Jacks Fire & Safety is involved in many community programs. Here are the contributions we make to our community:

We donate our fire extinguisher service to the Texas Cavaliers for the Fiesta River Parade.

Our team donates CO2 to local high schools for use in their mascots.

M. Jacks Fire & Safety donates fire extinguisher service to Ronald McDonald House and has been named a “Pearl” contributor to the organization.

Our Management Team

  • Larry Angle, President

    Positions: Incumbent Treasurer for the Fire Equipment Distributors of Texas
    Former President of NAFED
    Fire Industry Experience: 48 Years

    • Type PL Fire Extinguisher System Planning License
    • Fire Alarm Technician License
    • Holds NICET Level III Certification in Fire Protection Engineering Technology Special Hazard Systems Layout
  • Blake Angle, Vice President

    Fire Industry Experience: 17 Years

    • Type A Fire Extinguisher License
    • Fire Alarm Technician License
    • RME-I License
  • Jeremy Angle, Secretary-Treasurer

    Fire Industry Experience: 6 Years

    • Type A Fire Extinguisher License
    • Fire Alarm Technician License

Why Choose M. Jacks Fire & Safety?

Provides Dependable and Quality Services You Can Trust Since 1949

Is Licensed and Insured

Offers 24-Hour Service—Call Us Day or Night

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