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Your Trusted Fire Extinguisher Repair Shop in Bexar County, TX

Invest in your first line of defense against fire by ensuring your extinguishers are well-maintained and ready to function accordingly in a fire emergency. Contact or visit our full fire extinguisher repair shop in Bexar County, TX; we inspect, install, test, and repair:

Fire Extinguishers

Sprinkler Systems

Kitchen Suppression Systems

Industrial Systems

Also, our service technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and well-trained to check for trouble spots and non-compliance issues you may not be aware of. Our 24-hour same-day service is always on call and ready when you need us. Contact us today to seek fire extinguisher inspection and repair or learn more about our offerings. We serve Bexar County and the surrounding areas.

A Little About Ourselves

Morris Jacks founded M. Jacks Fire & Safety Equipment Company, a Texas Corporation, in 1949. Since our business started, we have dedicated ourselves to offering exemplary service and high-quality products at a fair price for over 70 years.

M. Jacks Fire & Safety grew into one of Texas’ premier fire equipment companies as we have continuously promoted innovative products as they became available during the ’50s and ’60s. We are one of the first companies to promote the use of automatic kitchen hood fire protection systems and multi-purpose (ABC) dry chemical fire extinguishers.

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